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My Story

The healing work goes both ways.

I have been interested in healing work since I was a child growing up in Mexico, where I was exposed to healers and shamans at an early age. My mother and her family, although devoted to the Catholic Church, also believed in healing the body and mind in alternative ways that brought together indigenous practices from nature. 


I survived a traumatic childhood and adolescence, which was marked by domestic violence, physical abuse and sexual assault. Consequently, my health was poor and I suffered from bad headaches, back and neck problems, depression and digestive issues. I also shut myself off to my own intuition, that sense of inner guidance that we all carry within. However, I knew deeply that I came to this world to do healing work—and it needed to start with myself. 


I was fortunate to learn tools of healing from a variety of people in my life, starting with our next door neighbor at a very early age. She saw my gift and, in her way, she helped me to explore and nurture it. She also saw that I had a passion for cooking and instructed me in herbal medicine and other skills.


Those skills were tested as a young adult: I was hit by a car in 1987 and was injured, but gained confidence from experiencing my own ability to heal myself and recover. I married, and then suffered a devastating miscarriage. When I finally had a baby girl (who’s now a smart young woman), I began taking infant massage classes to soothe her, and this was the beginning of learning about the healing modality of bodywork and touch. I completed formal massage therapy training and began to build my practice.


My marriage dissolved, and at times, so did my mental health. I started praying, asking for a teacher to help me to understand what was going on with my work and to help me to heal from the divorce. I found her in Raquel Palmese, who supported my continued learning and helped me navigate the hard work of emotional rebuilding.


As I became more knowledgeable, my work as a massage therapist was shifting—and it was also shifting me. I was having visions of the individuals I was working on, getting information about the origin of their injuries and channeling their symptoms in my own body. Raquel and her mentor, Charles McCall, taught me how to ride these waves and understand how I could, over time, become the conduit of Healing Energy and hope for my loved ones, friends and clients.  

This practice continues to be the central, guiding force in the way I work. I call my business “Healing with Socorro” because the healing work goes both ways. These massage sessions are the best kind of teamwork, where I get as much out of it as the person I am assisting. It promotes a virtuous circle, where Spirit can work in me and through me.

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